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Working as a Business Analyst at SETL

Hannah Bray, SETL Business Analyst

SETL is an innovative, exciting and challenging blockchain startup with the ambition to transform the Financial Services industry – and when you first arrive at the SETL offices the excitement is palpable and the drive and ambition contagious.

SETL is at the forefront of the future post-trade landscape using blockchain technology, and from the outset I have gained a wealth of knowledge in this landscape from my highly experienced and innovation-focused colleagues. The nature of the blockchain lends itself to solving legacy issues arising from how transactions are processed today, with a view to driving cost and operational efficiencies as well as ensuring full regulatory compliance.


The opportunity to work with SETL as an external consultant on a variety of blockchain projects was too good to miss. Although I arrived here with experience in financial services, I was somewhat nervous as my blockchain experience at that point amounted to reading blog posts and articles and glancing at the blockchain-related hashtags on LinkedIn. In fact, the reason I was selected for the role of business analyst was the relevant post-trade experience I had gained working with a US investment bank. This allows me to provide insights into the inefficiencies and challenges within the current post-trade landscape and so help identify how blockchain can improve the current processes and practices.


As it turns out, my transition into blockchain – or ‘future of finance’ – mindset has been a smooth and unproblematic. I have received immense support from all departments within SETL, which in turn has allowed the various departmental projects on which I have worked to run without a hitch. Collaboration is integral to the SETL philosophy – everyone strives for optimal results and we provide support to each other across all departments. This is a hugely valuable driver for the future success of any new business.

Life At SETL

Outside of the fast-paced working environment, the team at SETL enjoy visits to Princes Park to watch the London City Lionesses in action – whom the company sponsor – and also enjoy a couple of pints at the matches. I am aware that not that many people would be willing to spend their Sundays with work, so it’s a testament to how much fun and enjoyment I get from working here at SETL that I choose to do so.

I’m incredibly excited to see SETL’s ambition achieved, and I have no doubt that this company represents the future of financial services and will become a major player in the transformation of the industry.

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