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SETL Launches it LedgerSwarm RLN Test Network, Tranquility.

SETL, part of the Colendi Group, today announced the launch of a standing test network for
the RLN based upon its LedgerSwarm software. The network, called Tranquility after the site
of the first moon landing, will be available to for participants to test RLN applications on an
on-going basis.

Jason Lau

Reflections from SIBOS 

After a six-year hiatus, Toronto welcomed 9,000 Sibos community members back to the Metro Toronto Conference Centre. Over four engaging days, attendees delved into the theme “collaborative finance in a fragmented world,” attending over 250 conference sessions and myriad of client meetings. 

SETL Joins Groundbreaking Digital Real Pilot Project in Brazil

Blockchain technology leader SETL, a notable member of the Colendi Group, proudly announces its selection for participation in the landmark Digital Real Pilot project, spearheaded by the Central Bank of Brazil. Alongside NUCLEA, Brazil’s key interbank clearing house, and banking leader Banco Bradesco S.A., SETL is poised to revolutionize the future of finance in this consortium-led endeavour.

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