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SETL Demonstrates 1M Transactions Per Second on Global Banking Blockchain

‘Breakthrough moment’ for financial services paving the way for regulated institutions to issue tokens for payments and settlement.  London, 7 December 2021: Today, SETL published a technical whitepaper detailing the Regulated Liability Network’s (RLN)…

SETL open sources its code with new PORTL Solution

SETL, the London-based blockchain company, announces today that it is open sourcing its core framework, PORTL, in an effort to speed up adoption of Blockchain and DLT solutions. PORTL provides a robust and permissioned toolset for financial institutions to build applications that interoperate between existing infrastructures and a range of enterprise ledger technologies including Corda, Besu, Fabric, DAML and SETL’s own high-performance ledger.

Top 10 Reasons why Blockchain and DLT projects fail to get into Production

Banks and financial institutions are struggling to bring blockchain and DLT applications into profitable production. Low speed, limited scalability and a lack of a strategy for Integration with existing systems, are often to blame. What is needed to overcome the barriers to successful deployment of blockchain projects?

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