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Designed and built to improve your business operations, SETL's platforms make transactions easier, faster and more secure.

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The financial industry faces growing challenges with its post-trade operational platforms – from continuous regulatory and industry reform and outdated legacy systems to operating cost pressures and resource constraints. SETL’s private, permission distributed ledger technology facilitates the settlement of traditional and digital securities on a single platform, improving performance, reducing operating costs and eliminating delays.

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Funds Distribution

Traditional fund distribution – the transfer of funds between financial entities, intermediaries and third-party payment systems – is complex. SETL’s Fund Distribution platform, powered by our distributed ledger technology, streamlines fund distribution activities by reducing processing and settlement times and enabling a system for instant, reliable, secure communication for investors, fund managers, transfer agents and advisors through a range of smart contracts.

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Multi-Ledger Books & Records

Maintaining fragmented databases of transactions, customer information, and reference data can be complex, costly and labour-intensive. SETL’s distributed ledger technology reduces reconciliation costs and improves data quality by consolidating disparate databases onto a single multi-ledger platform. This platform spans organisations and participants, allowing them to process a single transaction just once, simplifying data structures and reducing operational complexity.

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Cash & Asset Tokenisation

Economies are rapidly digitising, but issues around payments – the very foundation of business – and identity are slowing progress. SETL’s Regulated Liability Platform connects central banks, commercial banks, e-money providers and custodians to create a shared infrastructure for tokenisation alongside a common identity framework for easy onboarding and compliance.

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Digital Issuance & Digital Custody

The current digital custody landscape comes with many challenges – from the differing approaches and strategies around the management of digital assets to uncertainties in the regulatory and legal environment. SETL’s Digital Issuance and Digital Custody platform gives you the capability to issue digital assets (security or cash tokens) and perform ongoing management throughout the assets’ lifecycle.

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