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SETL's Onboarding suite of tools help to get clients onto a financial platform. Clients and institutions tire of repeating the same routine each time they want to commission a new service or product.

Onboard Once

Often clients will have to provide the same document multiple times and commit to keep a plethora of service providers up to date when circumstances change. There is a real possibility of information becoming stale and compliance obligations being missed. SETL's solution allows for documents and credentials to be loaded once and used many times.

How it works

SETL's solution is built around its cloud component architecture


The on-boarding process starts from a service provider's site or from an email sent by the service provider


New clients are directed to SETL's platform that takes them through the on-boarding process including the submission of information, declarations and documents which are stored in a client controlled data-bank


Each service provider can specify their own requirements for on-boarding.


SETL's platform recognises which elements of a service provider's on-boarding is already in the client's data-bank and only prompts for new information


The client's information, with their consent, is transmitted to a trusted KYC agent who checks validity and screens against regulatory requirements

Trusted Partners

SETL works with trusted partners to verify documents and to undertake KYC checks such as PEP and sanctions screening. Because of the network approach, all appropriate parties can react to a single event or change in circumstances - reducing the possibility of a compliance breach.

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