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SETL and Digital Asset reaffirm joint venture through collaborated RLN development.

London, June 28th, 2022

Further to the SETL/ Colendi deal announcement last week Digital Asset and SETL want to reaffirm their commitment to jointly build their version of the Regulated Liability Network (RLN), as part of the Joint Venture announced earlier this year.

Yuval Rooz, Digital Asset Co-Founder and CEO confirmed: “I want to congratulate SETL on their acquisition by Colendi. This is a great opportunity for SETL and their efforts are completely aligned with our vision to build a compliant and secure interconnected network for market participants, globally. I look forward to continuing our collaboration with the SETL team to jointly develop the RLN.”

Philippe Morel, SETL CEO added: “The RLN is an integral part of an orderly and compliant RegFi/ DeFi convergence that Digital Asset and SETL are promoting. I look forward to continuing working with Yuval and the Digital Asset team to make our version of the RLN an industry standard — both in Europe and in Asia, where experiments are going on or about to start, and in the US.”

In addition, SETL announces that Marjan Delatinne, Head of Payments and member of its Executive Committee, is appointed as SETL representative on the Digital Asset/SETL RLN Joint Venture.  Marjan has a distinguished career at Euroclear, Swift and Ripple and has been instrumental in taking the RLN initiative to the next level.

Sir David Walker, SETL Chairman said: “SETL will continue being a significant player in the RegFi space and the upcoming RegFi/DeFi convergence. Marjan’s appointment as SETL rep on our Joint Venture with Digital Asset will no doubt contribute to its success.”

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