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Professional Development And Board Gaming

Mat Bland, SETL Front End Developer

At least once a week here at SETL, a group of individuals assemble around a table.
Goals are set, plans are made, and deals are done. Alliances come and go, positions can turn around in the blink of an eye. The matter at hand can range from the running of a fast food chain in a town full of hungry customers to intergalactic space trading for precious resource cubes. This isn’t your average meeting; this is Board gaming.

Board gaming with Mat
Who Goes To These Things, Anyway?

People from all over the company come together, pull out a box containing a board and pieces or decks of cards and settle in for a battle of wits. Sometimes raucous, sometimes quiet (whilst much thought is going on), there is a common theme: the spirit of camaraderie. Whether the game is cooperative or competitive, no matter how serious it gets on the table, the people that surround it are always together as a group and always in good spirits. Friendly help is often offered during play, so that no matter your experience or skill level, you can quickly get up to speed. Though small, a community has come together to make these nights a great success.

The More We Get Together

This is reflected in everyday company life here at SETL. There are clearly delineated departments and specialities, but there is always scope for communication and collaboration, no department or person is an island. No matter where they reside in the company, everyone is open to helping and offering guidance where applicable. It is not an uncommon sight to see a small group has formed, abuzz with chatter and activity as a complex problem is being solved. It seems that working together for the greater good comes baked in with the people of SETL.

Vittles for strength during a long quest
Regular Meetings

We also have regular departmental catch up meetings where we can discuss work/technologies we have experienced during the week and get feedback or assistance. These are a great way to get knowledge, tools and techniques spread amongst the group quickly and efficiently. They can also help to illustrate pain points that may have otherwise gone unnoticed in the everyday flow of work. Seeing everyone together in this informal atmosphere on a regular basis can be helpful in removing any potential barriers between team members. Because of this, people are not intimidated, have a chance to put their input in on any subject and know that it will be valued and considered.

Company Sessions

Alongside these, we hold company sessions to help disseminate information and all are welcomed, no matter what their level of engagement may be. Topics come from all areas of the business and it can be really useful to get a deeper insight into a different field of expertise. SETL contains a vast wealth of experience in its staff members and the fact they are willing to offer up their time and share their knowledge is something I am very grateful for.

My professional development and growth have certainly been accelerated since I joined, and I have the collaborative and educational atmosphere here at SETL to thank for that.

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