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Opensource, interoperable and versatile. SETL's technology is enabling tokenisation, digital custody and distributed ledger technology for securities markets and payments.

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SETL core ledger technology is opensource and developer friendly. SETL Labs environment provides a full sandbox experience for developers and business analysts.


SETL’s core ledger is designed to be implemented in a range of scenarios from payments to custoday to create internal and networked solutions.


Interoperability with existing networks and systems as well as the ability to work seemlessly with all main enterprise DLT systems.


Built with secure, scalable and battle tasted components deployable into institutional environments.


We've combined our deep industry knowledge with technical innovation to create regulated, operational platforms that solve the issues you are facing today.

Designed and built to improve performance, speed up processing and reduce operating costs, they include:

  • Settlement
  • Funds Distribution
  • Multi-Ledger Books & Records
  • Digital Issuance & Digital Custody
  • Cash & Asset Tokenisation
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Access the potential of our world-leading distributed ledger technology through PORTL.

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Our core technology is proprietary, market-leading and designed specifically for high performance, low latency regulated applications.

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Implement digital asset management, multi-lateral transactions and complex operational workflows with this comprehensive framework.


Plug into financial market infrastructures with a full suite of ISO 15022 and ISO 20022 messages.


Write your smart contracts and workflows in Chaincode, Solidity, JavaScript, Java, DAML and more.


Tokenise any financial asset or liability, including bonds, equity, commercial paper, Central Bank Digital Currency, commercial bank money and more.


Connect to the world of ledger settlement with a single destination for your instructions and a single location to receive your ledger events.

Core Ledger

High-performance ledger capable of processing 30,000 transactions per second across 100 million addresses on a single instance.


Our team is a mix of pioneering technical innovators and finance professionals who understand the industry inside out.

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Our team is a mix of pioneering technical innovators and finance professionals who understand the industry inside out. Our team is a mix of pioneering technical innovators and finance professionals who understand the industry inside out.
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SETL open sources its code with new PORTL Solution

SETL, the London-based blockchain company, announces today that it is open sourcing its core framework, PORTL, in an effort to speed up adoption of Blockchain and DLT solutions. PORTL provides a robust and permissioned toolset for financial institutions to build applications that interoperate between existing infrastructures and a range of enterprise ledger technologies including Corda, Besu, Fabric, DAML and SETL's own high-performance ledger.

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Top 10 Reasons why Blockchain and DLT projects fail to get into Production

Banks and financial institutions are struggling to bring blockchain and DLT applications into profitable production. Low speed, limited scalability and a lack of a strategy for Integration with existing systems, are often to blame. What is needed to overcome the barriers to successful deployment of blockchain projects?

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This paper examines the proposition put forward in Tony McLaughlin's paper 'The Regulated Internet of Value' and considers the practical implications of a generalised approach to tokenisation of regulated liabilities. To map a practical way forward, the paper starts with where we are and looks at the landscape in front of us

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