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Making a change: Steve Walsh SETL’s COO offers insight into SETL’s core capabilities

Steve Walsh, SETL COO

Wholesale change programs are not new to SETL, having delivered core infrastructure solutions in IZNES and ID2S. These implementation programs include a large number of releases, wholesale development, the implementation of new front-to-back infrastructure and engage multiple stakeholders. With the launch of our new website and SETL Labs, I wanted to provide some additional visibility on where SETL can help with the wider application and adoption of our award winning technology.

The Problem Statement

SETL works with some of the biggest sell side participants, asset managers, and infrastructure providers and success in these instances has been derived from partnerships that address a problem statement, as well as a set of very achievable and succinct business goals. Clients approach SETL based on an underlying internal need for technological transformation in post trade services that can be derived from programs requiring process efficiency, operational control, regulatory response and compliance.

Improving Through Change

Often current internal and inherent stacks or solutions are not robust, efficient, or in a position to offer a solution at the required level of pace and quality. They may also struggle to offer appropriate levels of regulatory compliance and operational resilience and they depend on wholesale change and huge programs of work. SETL’s market leading technology prides itself on performance, scale and capacity, identity, interoperability, and most importantly security. We offer solutions that address reducing manual labour-intensive processes, which may involve “dual keying” data that, with permissioned and secure storage of data, could offer scale in a more flexible and intuitive fashion. In these instances, an initial triage of data could enable a single automated process, allowing reuse and reduce operational processing time.

Common Data and Views

With data available centrally and complimentary exceptions managed via a  GUI, a single UI not only is processed in reduced time,  but also valuable additional metrics to include exception state and average handling times can be added for increased visibility. SETL can incorporate technology for the purposes of parsing, scraping data, and partnering to improve underlying process as well as to create optimal solutions on workflow.

Technology as an Enabler

SETL’s award winning technology can store an audit trail of associated information by business event to include mail storage, associated documentation, and a chronological order of meaningful events that shape the outcome of any exception. Implementation doesn’t stop at resolving the initial need for the processing of exceptions, it looks to eradicate the exception at source. A bigger mouse trap is great but let’s remove the mice!

Although we achieve large programs of work at SETL, our experience illustrates that clients new to our technology can benefit enormously from approaching via very succinct deliveries. With this in mind, we derive successful engagement from a number of key attributes, all of which our project and program professionals have ample experience in extracting.

Executing a Change Program

SETL’s experience in technology, operations and regulation means that it can offer a turnkey solution which addresses the key points of operational inefficiency.  SETL understands the need for measurable and substantial project payback and is the ideal partner to bring in for successful execution.  SETL’s approach addresses the key project imperatives;

  • Detailed, succinct problem statements – What actually needs to be resolved ?
    • Generally speaking these involve reducing the cost of processing by increasing efficiency through automation. They can offer the opportunity for increased revenue by giving a competitive edge or utilising throughput or speed in data management. We also see requests for responses to regulation, be it reporting or more general needs that require sophisticated responses in a short period of time with very prescribed outcomes required by an NCA or Regulatory body.
  • A clear understanding of the indicators for success and where possible supported by clear and readily available metrics to highlight :
    • Increased processing efficiency – as a reduction in time, resource and or manual touch points (or both)
    • Removal of duplicated capture of information and utilisation of central capture of data and information
    • Reduction of operational risks and operational loss events
    • Regulatory compliance and Industry body adherence
    • High level clear and concise  business requirements
    • Connectivity to include requirements for additional links to vendors or data services

A Partner of Choice

SETL’s huge depth of experience in the underlying products, processes and businesses across front / middle office, core operations, and the known challenges drives our ability to understand your problems and apply our technology as a solution. Perceived challenges around data points, technology utilisation, and integration with large organisational stacks have never prevented the successful implementation of our solutions. Successful delivery in this very succinct introduction provides the platform for further iterations of delivery and exposes further opportunity. SETL has built long and trusted partnerships with valued clients. Initial engagement starts with an opportunity for us to show a level of delivery unrivalled in our industry and instils a level of confidence with clients to do more.

Steve Walsh Coo stands next to the SETL engineering sign.

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