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SETL hires Ripple Global Head of Banking to Lead Payments Business

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Marjan Delatinne joins SETL as Head of Payments, brings strong domain focus to help payments industry address common challenges

London 25 February 2021: SETL, the London-based Settlement and Payments Infrastructure provider, today announced the appointment of Marjan Delatinne to SETL’s executive management team. As Head of Payments, Marjan has overall responsibility for growing SETL’s payments business, alongside its market infrastructure and asset management offerings. 


Marjan joins SETL having most recently served as Global Head of Banking at Ripple. She brings with her a wealth of experience, having previously held senior business development roles at SWIFT, where she was responsible for the commercialisation of large scale projects both in securities and payments, namely Target 2 Securities and SWIFT gpi (Global Payments Innovation).

Sir David Walker, SETL Chairman, said: “I am delighted to welcome Marjan as part of SETL’s executive team. Her appointment comes at an exciting time for our business, as we have successfully completed the world’s first Central Bank Digital Currency live fund transaction with Banque de France, using the SETL blockchain.” 

The Payments industry has undergone significant changes over recent years as market participants increasingly demand real-time solutions that help address legacy infrastructure issues around liquidity management, real-time settlement and compliance, all of which significantly impact performance.

Payment providers are underserved in a number of areas, including compliance and liquidity management. While they can bring efficiencies to the settlement process, handling compliance issues – particularly for cross-border payments – is highly complex and there is a clear need for an end-to-end, fully digital workflow for identity, AML and KYC checks. At the same time, gaining an aggregated view of intraday liquidity across a fragmented landscape to fully understand where liquidity sits and how best to optimise it, presents significant and constraining challenges for banks.

Marjan Delatinne, Head of Payments at SETL, said: “I am delighted to join the SETL management team at this exciting time in its corporate development. Key to helping the payments industry tackle the common pain points is a need for strong and committed community engagement. Our aim is to work with key industry partners, to improve on existing legacy technology and to drive digital transformation across the market.”

Delatinne added: “SETL’s payments solution is designed to improve the management of cross-border settlement and solve the liquidity management challenge. We use DLT technology to aggregate payment sources and gain a fuller and clearer picture of liquidity, enabling payments providers to dynamically manage their liquidity in real-time across a highly fragmented landscape.”

Philippe Morel, SETL CEO, concluded: “Marjan’s appointment is a strategic step for us; we are committed to bringing deep sector level expertise to solve common industry challenges. Marjan will be instrumental in realising our ambitions to deliver innovative solutions to payments providers, to empower them with the right applications to manage instant payments, cross-border liquidity, settlement and compliance requirements.”

SETL hires Ripple Global Head.

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