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Life as a Tester at SETL

By Stella Egeolu


Working in any company as a female technical employee can be quite daunting at first (it was for me when I joined SETL as the only female technical employee at the Ipswich Location) but you soon adjust to the technology lifestyle so quickly that you start to love it as well as have fun at the same time, especially if the environment is very friendly and fast paced. I definitely love to work in a fast-paced environment because it keeps me on my toes and pushes me to do more in other to achieve my daily tasks and this is exactly what I get from working in SETL as a female tester.

One pro about working in SETL as a female more importantly is that the boys are really cool; they are all friendly and always asks if I need help with anything which I marvel at. When I first joined SETL and I mentioned that I was the only female tester (at the time) to my friends, their immediate response was ‘I bet they make you a cup of coffee/tea and bring you water everyday’ and I chuckle at this with a response of ‘guys it’s not like that, I mean they are lovely and efficient in answering questions I have about work or any other thing, but that’s about it’. Simply put, I wouldn’t go as far as asking them to bring me coffee or tea, but overall, they are nice and…I have been offered tea/coffee a couple of times :).

Moving on to the Software testing side of things which I really enjoy although can be quite tedious at times. I am an experienced manual tester but have recently started picking up automation testing skills with the help of my team members and manager. I joined SETL with little prior automation experience but was still hired as they also needed someone with manual experience because this skill always comes in handy and to be honest I believe it was my very keen interest in learning and getting involved in automation testing as well as my enthusiasm in testing overall that got me hired, therefore I am glad that I was hired into this prestigious blockchain company because I can definitely say that this job has opened doors for me in learning about everything Blockchain and developing my automation skills. I have always wanted to be an automation tester but the opportunity and training never presented itself until I joined SETL, so this is where I am learning to use this cool java tool to automate daily and I have to say coding is really fun and when I am writing automation tests, I get this thrill and it’s such a great feeling looking at my work and all the tests I have written by myself and I smile proudly knowing that I am learning really well, so thumbs up to SETL for giving me my automation testing breakthrough, Yup, that’s what I call it.


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