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SETL Connect

SETL Connect reduces the cost of connecting existing environments to DLT infrastructures. It is a low-code graphical environment which orchestrates blockchain functions and offers a range of utilities which make connecting to traditional environments easy and secure. The environment is delivered as a Docker container and can be deployed either in the cloud or on premise.

SETL Connect


SETL Connect comes with a number of message builders for MT and MX messages that can be put onto shared networks such as SwiftNET or private messaging systems such as Rabbit MQ or Zero MQ. Messages can be encrypted and authenticated for end to end security.

SETL Connect


SETL Connect components can be orchestrated using the drag and drop framework. Each component has a JSON input and one or more JSON outputs. Workflows are easy to build and deploy. A completed workflow is deployed as a NodeJS process run locally or in the cloud. Custom functionality can be deployed using the 'code' component or through the creation of new components.

SETL Connect


SETL Connect comes with a library of components that makes it easy to integrate blockchain environments with traditional infrastructures. Off the shelf connectors include MySQL, CSV, Rabbit MQ, SFTP and Amazon S3 buckets. Making new connectors to custom API environments is easy and economical.

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