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Wholesale Payments

SETL's core technology works with existing payment infrastructures such as SWIFT and offers the opportunity to create pure distributed ledger models. Wholesale payments typically settle in central bank money after clearing and netting. The process of getting to settlement between one wholesale financial services company to another can be complicated and expensive. SETL's approach simplifies the operation by allowing participants to update a distributed ledger of balances with certainty and security.


One of the most common payment operations in financial services is the Delivery vs Payment (DvP). In a DvP operation, the ownership of an asset must be changed exactly at the same time as a payment is settled. Because SETL's ledger is updated in a series of discrete states, this equates to a simultaneous state change of the asset and the cash.

Smart Payments

SETL's unique contract framework allows for users to set up complex state changes including payments and asset transfers dependent upon any number of parties signing, the agreement of documents, time conditions, the insertion of data by smart oracles and calculations based upon inserted data. SETL contracts can be set up using SETL's contract builder with no coding required.


Internal treasury operations in multinational banks often operate between branches and subsidiaries on a completely arms length basis subject to the costs and delays that exist in the interbank payments markets.  SETL offers a solution where one or more ledgers can be shared across a multi entity bank with entities able to assert transactions into that ledger to effect instant and cost-effective value transfers.  

Cross Border

Cross border transactions between banks and their customers often take a multi-hop route through the correspondent bank network. Information and end-customer identity can be lost between systems exposing the participants to compliance and operational risks. SETL's approach of having a shared distributed ledger would allow for a greatly simplified and less risky approach


FX contracts are specifically at risk to counterparty risk as the amounts are often large and each side of the arrangement eventually settles in a different jurisdiction. SETL's payment technology allows for multiple currencies to be held in a single ledger and for payments to be swapped in a simultaneous state change eliminating the Payment vs Payment (PvP) risk normally associated with bilateral transactions.

How it works

SETL's solution is built around its cloud component architecture


SETL Core is at the heart of SETL's payment architecture. Its ability to handle large volumes across a massive address space makes it ideal for payments


SETL's API framework and SETL Connect provide the tools for partners to connect and interact with the SETL payments architecture.


SETL Identity provides the authentication and encryption layer ensuring that parties can prove their identity and authority.


SETL Keystore provides a secure environment for the storage and deployment of key pairs used to cryptographically sign transactions

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