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Fund Distribution

At the heart of any fund distribution system is a transfer agent. The role of the transfer agent is to record the owners of fund shares and to manage the subscription, redemption and transfer of those shares. SETL maintains this core ledger in its blockchain environment.

Platform for Investors

Surrounding this core is a range of functionality that facilitates a rich relationship between the investor, an advisor and the fund manager including client onboarding, KYC and investment reporting. SETL's fund distribution platform mutualises the mechanics of distribution whilst allowing fund managers to compete on product and performance.


SETL's solution is built around its cloud component architecture


SETL's Fund distribution platform can be deployed as a new transfer agent or in conjunction with an existing transfer agents


SETL's permissioned ledger regulates the role and activities of each of the participants in the fund distribution workflow


All activities on the SETL platform can be performed 'in person' using the SETL GUI or automatically via SETL's API framework.


Payments can be on-platform or via traditional networks such as SWIFT


SETL's platform provides an immutable record of all interactions between an investor, an advisor and the fund manager ensuring that compliance procedures are adhered to

Reduces Cost

By reducing the overhead of client onboarding, SETL's platform both enhances the experience for the investor and reduces administrative cost for the fund manager

How it works

SETL's solution is built around its cloud component architecture


SETL Core is at the heart of the fund distribution platform recording the fund share ownership and all subscriptions, redemptions and transfers


SETL Connect is the technical glue which connects existing systems and data feeds to the core ledger including messaging and real time push updates


SETL OpenCSD presents a cloud based user interface to the fund distribution platform that provides a rich and tailored user experience for each of the participant types


SETL Keystore ensures that only permissioned and identifiable users can interact with the core ledger

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