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A Central Securities Depository is where records of securities ownership are maintained and where transfers between investors take place. Ownership is often legally defined by what is on the records of the CSD.

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SETL provides a turnkey solution for CSDs which allows for the complex interactions of investors, issuers, agents and service providers who are all involved in the lifecycle of a share, bond or other security. At the heart of SETL's solution is its performant and secure distributed ledger which maintains the immutable record of all ownership and transfers.

How it works

SETL's solution is built around its cloud component architecture


SETL's core distributed ledger is where the immutable ledger of ownership and transfers is maintained


SETL Identity provides the basis for authentication, permissions and authority


SETL OpenCSD is the cloud based GUI which presents a role specific interface to all of the CSD actors allowing them to interact with the ownership ledger


SETL Connect provides the technical and messaging interfacing to existing systems and infrastructures reducing the cost of connection and of using SETL's CSD infrastructure


SETL Workflow is module which implements long-life asset servicing workflows and corporate actions


SETL's API gateway exposes functionality to technical users using OpenAPI standards, JWT security, scalable endpoints and the ability to monitor, rate cap, and charge by usage.

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