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SETL Connect

Our SETL Connect product allows you to build workflows that automatically create flows between SETL blockchain component to build business logic flows. You can try SETL Connect in our SETL Labs sandbox.


Try it Now

We offer an easy to use API explorer to allow you to execute API requests and get example payloads to use in your own applications. You can connect directly to your SETL Labs demo system to try the APIs today.

  • Connected to your SETL Labs Demo

    You can use SETL Connect to your SETL Labs Demo system, without affecting your live data or banking networks.

  • Designed to help create business flows

    You can use a range of blockchain functions - sending assets and reporting to create business logic workflows

  • Fully Documented and Ready to Use

    Our SETL Connect provides example, ready to use examples and is fully documented for ease of use.