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SETL provides an enterprise grade project service including planning, design, regulatory approval, development and deployment.   SETL's technical engineering team is backed up with financial services expertise allowing SETL to fully manage the key non-functional aspects of a project.  SETL has a successful track record in delivering high quality results, on budget and on time.  

Case Studies

SETL has delivered major regulated distributed ledger technology into financial markets, using the new technology to change the speed and pace of current infrastructure

ID2S is the combination of NEU CP and ID2S aiming at automating and speeding up the Negotiable European Commercial Paper (NEU CP) market.

Benefits to the market

  • Delivery versus Payment time reduced from two days to near-real time
  • Cost reduction for market participants
  • Enhanced transparency across the market with full audit trail and integrity
  • Opportunity to leverage blockchain technology to run books and records / registry services

IZNES is a fully fledged distribution platform of funds interoperable with existing distribution channels. It is operational and backed by 25 European fund managers that together aggregate about 6 trillion EUR of assets.

Benefits to the market

  • Direct relationship between Investor and Fund manager
  • Client onboarding, KYC, KYP, fund individual vs fund and client permissioning
  • On platform trading and settlement with live time update of pending and settled positions
  • Blockchain registry and full books and records maintained in live time
  • Advisor platforms supported

Industrial grade

Our core blockchain achieved an average of 30,000 transactions per second (TPS) during a recent performance test. This throughput was carried out for a period of 30 minutes by bombarding a full-stack 3 node blockchain. The data generation varied and the system comfortably handled a peak volume of 100,000 TPS. Critically, a detailed analysis revealed zero loss of transactions from generation to settlement.

The performance test was conducted over multiple virtual machines (each specified with 64GB RAM and 32 vCPUs) and hosted in various clouds with a 2 Gb line between the datacentres.

Cloud ready

Using 21st Century technology to replace the mainframe-based legacy systems for post-trade. Move assets to trusted cloud infrastructures with confidenceusing SETL solutions. Designed and builtfrom the ground up for resilience, securityand infrastructure independence, our blockchain product has been operationally tested across multiple vendors including AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean and OVH. You want cloud-ready operational tools to manage real world assets? SETL has them ready for you.

Enterprise Integrations

SETL understands the complexities of financial services companies and has successfully integrated its technology with existing systems and processes. In delivering a fully regulated CSD and Transfer Agent, the SETL team managed complex multi party development and testing regimes within challenging project timelines. Equally, SETL is able to integrate its solutions into single institutions working hand in hand with internal IT specialists and business sponsors to deliver concrete and defined benefits.

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