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SETL Workflow

SETL Workflow is a comprehensive framework for implementing asset servicing across a blockchain-based register.

SETL Workflow

Asset Servicing

Asset servicing can involve complex interactions over an extended period of time between the issuer, the agent and beneficial owners. For example, a dividend will have an announcement message, an ex-date, an election period, complex choices around currency and scrip, restrictions by investor type and a payment phase involving the company and their agents transferring value to investors.

Asset Servicing

SETL Workflow is designed to implement long-lived and complex interactions between an issuer, agents and investors without the need for specialist programming or IT expertise.


A workflow developed for one corporate action can be saved as a template and re-used for another corporate action.

High Capacity

Workflows can be implemented for issues that have 100,000's of holders who may be located in multiple jurisdictions each requiring a separate process to be followed.

Monitoring Engine

Each workflow produces a full event audit trail which can be consumed by monitoring processes to ensure that corporate actions proceed as expected or alert any exceptions.

SETL Workflow

Complex made Simple

SETL's workflow framework allows a registrar, CSD or transfer agent to initiate long-lived scripts which handle complex interactions including messaging, timed and dependent actions, the issues of tokenised rights (tradable or non-tradable), voting and election actions, the creation and conversion of securities and the movement of cash between an issuer and investor.

SETL Workflow

Easy to use

Workflows can follow multiple paths to allow for the different processes required in different jurisdictions. Workflows are built using SETL's intuitive GUI designed with domain specialists in mind and can be built without the need for programming or specialist IT support.

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