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Logging Blockchain

SETL's logging blockchain allows users to record any series of events in an immutable and provable fashion. Events are strictly ordered and grouped into blocks for submission through SETL's consensus process. Subsequent queries of that event log will detect cryptographically whether or not the log has been amended through the addition, omission, change or reordering of any event.


Critical to any financial transaction is the integrity of the components. SETL's solution allows for instant comparison of any single event or sequence of events to the immutable record for subsequent verification. It can easily detect a data series that has been amended or tampered with in any way.

Security Logging

Security logging and intrusion detection. Sophisticated cyber hackers will try and hide their footprints by changing log files. SETL's logging blockchain can be deployed to detect any such change.


Regulators increasingly ask institutions to prove compliance ex-post. An immutable record of compliance actions recorded contemporaneously will provide irrefutable evidence of compliance

Critical Logging

Logs which record events that may be of critical importance in the future can be stored in SETL's logging solution. For example, a record of aircraft maintenance events.


It’s important to provide high-availability systems to investors. The distributed nature of SETL's technology means that any log can be the product of multiple sources of data from multiple parties, providing resilience and reliability. The speed and capacity of SETL's technology means that our solution can handle 30,000 events a second making it suitable for high volume applications

How it works


SETL Connect can be used to hook SETL's logging blockchain to any existing system or log file producer


SETL Identity provides the permissioning layer for reading and writing to the immutable log and for verifying against the log


SETL OpenCSD provides a user friendly GUI with drag and drop verification of any data item or series of items


SETL Keystore ensures that only permissioned and identifiable users can contribute to the immutable log

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