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SETL Keystore

SETL’s Password Server is the driver for the Keystore product and is a highly secure, distributed, resilient, cryptographic data storage and management solution.

Always Secure

The password server maintains the data in encrypted form at all times: on-line, off-line, at rest and in transit. Data backups use Shamir Secret Sharing in addition to encryption to ensure that off-line data is protected. Multiple user actions, hardware and O/S checks are required to access the vault after a global restart, which is then disseminated using a Gossip protocol to white-listed clients. After a restart on any individual server, the secure data will be reacquired from the Gossip community without manual intervention.

Asset Servicing

On-premise or in-cloud key storage solutions are supported by SETL's infrastructure using both hardware and software stores.


SETL supports both PKCS11 and KMIP industry standard protocols.

Policy Framework

SETL implements a key management policy framework that ensures that keys are used and managed in line with corporate policies.

Mobile Secure Enclave

SETL supports keys being maintained on mobile devices with appropriate key recovery protocols in place.

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