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SETL Identity

Identity, permissions and authority are at the heart of financial services' security. SETL Identity allows users to authenticate to the SETL environment and get permissions to interact and how users deploy their permissions through SETL's unique Power of Attorney framework

Permission Control

SETL's environment requires that users are registered and authenticated in order to propose transactions or to receive information from the blockchain. To effect this, SETL implements a tiered identity environment which allows for each blockchain instance to have members whom, in turn, can permission accounts. An account can be a collection of separate legal entities such as funds within a fund management group. Individual users can then be permissioned to operate wallets within the constraints of their assigned roles.


SETL provides an integrated identity framework which allows for a tiered approach to on-boarding participants to a SETL blockchain instance.


Users are assigned permissions through a full roles-based permissioning system. SETL's roles can be defined both in terms of traditional read/write/update and in the second dimension of transactional permissions.


Authority is complex in financial services with individuals having the ability to act on behalf of organisations for specific purposes. SETL Identity implements an authority scheme based around wallet access and Power of Attorney which provides for limited and task-specific permissioning.

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