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The engine is built specifically to align with financial services and can scale in order to enhance capacity and performance capability.

Market-leading technology

  • The only industrial grade and production-ready distributed ledger technology offering on the market.
  • Designed for financial services with a focus on integrity, resilience, security and scalability.
  • Provides a key technology enabler for real-time settlements (through reduced inter-system complexities) and future market interaction through the exchange of cryptographic proofs instead of structured financial messaging

Market-leading features

Key features that make the SETL distributed ledger leading in class


30,000 transactions per second.

Scale & Capacity

100m concurrent accounts and complex state.


Fully permissioned and comprehensive KYC / KYP capabilities integrated into product.


Fully interoperable with markets (e.g. ISO). Records real-world assets.


Leverages market-leading best practice guided by Cryptographic committee.


Highly efficient and reduces power consumption compared to legacy solutions.

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